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Among the safest countries in the Middle East, Jordan which borders Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Israel and Palestine, is located in a region experiencing much turmoil. The country has a history of showing generous hospitality to refugees from surrounding conflicts, exemplified by its role in the current Syrian crisis. This recent influx has immensely affected Jordan’s economy, putting particular pressure on refugee-hosting communities where the Syrian conflict has already had a disruptive impact on trade. 

What We Do
Save the Children, in collaboration with the Danish Refugee Council, is working to mitigate the strain on local economies in refugee-hosting communities caused by the influx of Syrian refugees.  While displaced Syrians are suffering economic challenges, poor Jordanians are also struggling.  There is a mistaken perception that Syrian refugees are taking jobs away from Jordanians, which creates tensions between host and refugee communities. The project approach seeks to bridge humanitarian assistance and long-term development challenges while mitigating tensions between host and refugee communities.

The project aims to address the socio-economic challenges faced by Jordanians, especially youth and women living in refugee-hosting communities, by strengthening income-generation and livelihood opportunities. It will reach approximately 10,000 direct beneficiaries (including 6,500 women) through gender and youth inclusive initiatives, ensuring young women and men are equal participants and that activities are effectively tailored to address their needs. 

By March 2018, we aim to:   

  • Build local capacity to plan, implement and manage community-based, gender-sensitive and inclusive community improvement projects. These projects will both provide immediate income sources as well as address critical development needs for women and men living in refugee-hosting communities. 
  • Improve the quality of Vocational Education Training service providers by filling the gap between market demand and vocational training offers. The project will support vulnerable youth to access these services through awareness-raising and by addressing socio-economic barriers (financial means, gender barriers). Graduates will also be assisted in seeking income-generating activities and internships.
  • Improve access to quality Early Childhood Care and Development services to address a significant barrier for women in accessing livelihood opportunities. 
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