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 Child Protection

Every child has the right to be safe


Girls and boys in every country of the world face abuse, neglect, exploitation and violence. Each year, nearly 53,000 children are murdered, over 126 million are forced to do hazardous work and more than 220 million children are sexually abused.

Save the Children works to prevent all forms of abuse and neglect. We help make and keep children safe, whether they are refugees, migrants, live in institutions or other forms of alternative care, are trafficked children, even within their own communities and homes.

To protect children, we work with governments, international organizations, and local community partners to implement progressive laws and policies, change detrimental social and cultural practices, and improve the capacity of communities to protect children.

An important part of Save the Children's child protection work is the participation and leadership of the children themselves. We actively support child clubs and other child-led activities that empower and educate children to keep themselves safe.



What We Do

  • Operate Child Friendly Spaces where children can socialize, play and receive psychosocial support to help them cope during emergencies
  • Reunify separated and unaccompanied children with their families in emergencies
  • Develop public awareness campaigns to stop child trafficking and exploitation
  • Provide training to social workers to enable them to provide supportive care to families and children
  • Advocate for more effective national protection policies and child welfare reform
  • Listen to and work with children to improve their lives and safety
  • Protect children during emergencies
  • Offer programs that help prevent the recruitment of children into armed forces and militias

In 2010, Save the Children reached more than 4.5 million children around the world through our child protection initiatives.

Dorty is helping break the cycle of violence for herself and her whole community.



How You Can Help

Support our child protection initiatives. 

View our feature gallery, Through the eyes of working children, a series of photos taken by working children in four countries (Bolivia, Nicaragua, Kenya, Burkina Faso) of their every day environments and realities.


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