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Peru’s children face poverty, abuse, discrimination, exclusion and insecurity. Many are poorly nourished and cannot access healthcare and education, especially in rural areas.

Children living in the Andean Highlands are especially poor and rarely attend school. Rates of attendance, repeated grades, and dropouts are commonplace as a result of poor quality education and irrelevant curriculum.



Photo by Laura Kennedy / Save the Children


What We Do

Save the Children works so that all children are protected, especially against physical and humiliating punishment and sexual abuse and labor exploitation; so that they have access to quality education and pertinent curricula’s and so that children’s voices are heard. 

  • We work to improve access to relevant, quality education
  • We provide literacy and skills training for marginalized children, child workers, rural children and children with disabilities
  • We promote the rights of indigenous children by fostering respect for cultural diversity and integrating children with disabilities into the school system
  • We advocate for improved access to basic education for children in rural communities
  • We teach young girls who come from rural areas to work in cities as domestic workers have learned about their rights and provide them with life skills training
  • We help children who work gain access to formal education through night school programs
  • We provide children who work with psychological counseling
  • We helped draft protection legislation for domestic workers and lobbied for its approval. Girls involved in the domestic work are now receiving training about this law and the benefits to which they are entitled.

Read about our 'Work, Education, Health' approach, designed to ensure that the poorest and hardest to reach youth in Peru have access to quality education.

  Peru - Innovation in Education




How You Can Help

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