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Every child has the right to learn


Still, 72 million children don’t have access to a basic quality education. Relevant and appropriate education and life skills for children are some of the most effective ways to break the cycle of poverty.

Save the Children's education programs vary according to local contexts but our goal is clear: to do our part to achieve universal primary education by 2015.

We focus on:

  1. Early Childhood care and development
  2. Basic primary and secondary education
  3. Education for youth Empowerment
  4. Education in Emergencies
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What Save the Children is doing

  • We eliminate barriers to education so that every girl and boy has the chance to go to school
  • We focus our efforts on the most at risk children, those affected by conflict and/or discrimination
  • We help governments build education infrastructure that is nationally sustainable
  • We work with teachers, administrators and governments to make school more inclusive and relevant to children
  • We provide school materials and textbooks, and pay for tuition and uniforms that are sometimes required to attend school
  • We provide life skills and vocational training to children who cannot afford to continue with secondary education or have missed out on primary school
  • We’ve  implemented groundbreaking initiatives in early childhood development and schooling for working children, children with disabilities and indigenous children
  • Because two-thirds of the world's 875 million illiterate adults are women, we work to remove obstacles (discrimination, social traditions, and cultural beliefs) that prevent girls from going to school
  • We rehabilitate schools damaged in emergencies

Our Rewrite the Future campaign improved the quality of education for the more than 10 million children caught up in conflict and emergencies. This campaign helped enroll 1.4 million children in school – the equivalent of opening two schools every day.

Jaime and Lucia are two of the many children benefiting from a quality education.




How You Can Help

Support Save the Children's education programs.



Photo credit: Jean Chung/Save the Children

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