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Every child has the right to a bright future


A quarter of the world’s children—an estimated 600 million children—live in extreme poverty. Being born into a poor family dramatically reduces a child’s chances of a bright future as poverty is often passed on from generation to generation. Together, we can break this cycle.

Children are more likely to be safe, educated and healthy when families have secure livelihoods. Access to employment, goods and services, and a sound income provide the foundation for a decent quality of life.

Save the Children works with vulnerable families in 27 countries to help ensure that they can afford to pay for basic necessities and services for their children and to provide access to sufficient, nutritious food all year round. We also offer assistance when shocks, like rising food prices or emergencies, threaten to devastate families.



What Save the Children is doing

  • We assist families in growing their income, property and household resources when their situation is stable
  • We intervene before and during a crisis to protect and restore livelihoods and household assets
  • We provide cash and/or food safety nets on a seasonal or year-round basis
  • We provide technical assistance and grants to help farmers and entrepreneurs increase their food production and household income
  • We call on governments to commit resources and respond appropriately to increase food security and emergency aid

Noorjahan knows how investing in livelihoods can reap huge rewards.

The international community has committed to halving poverty rates, reducing deaths of children under five by two-thirds and ensuring that all children in the world complete at least primary education by 2015. Progress is being made, but slower than is needed. Achieving these goals requires substantial investment in children now.



How You Can Help

Invest in our livelihood programs.

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